About Us

DAN VAUGHN LAW was founded to offer clients exceptional experience and skills in the business, real estate and finance arena; experience and skills developed during 30 years in private practice working at two of the most successful law firms in the Pacific Northwest. We represented major companies and high net worth individuals throughout the world in facilitating their business objectives and had a wonderful time doing it.  

Today, Dan Vaughn Law is committed to continuing to help companies and people with Trust, Judgment and Experience at dramatically lower costs than typically required by the larger law firms. That's  the promise to every client. Dan Vaughn Law is also  committed to offering our experience and skills to socially driven organizations, who otherwise couldn't afford our help.  Dan Vaughn Law is committed to doing its part to make the world a better place. 

“Dan has a terrific command of sophisticated legal and financing issues. I would recommend Dan to anyone.”  
 John Tait. Attorney for Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, and former board member of Symix Technologies.